Rules For 24 Hour Games

Please read these rules. You will be required to sign the Letter of Understanding before participating in this event. It will state that you have read, understand and will abide by these rules.
ATV’s and Motor Bikes are NOT allowed. If you are caught racing around the parking lot or neighboring properties, your ATV WILL BE CONFISCATED.
PETS are NOT allowed. Our insurance does not cover dog bites.
Use of other than Event Paint is grounds for expulsion from the event. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

Please do not lose your numbered ID tag. No other will be issued.
Use your zip lock bag for your character identification role card. Without your card you might not get into your base.
Identify your Platoon - Stay together as missions are given by Platoon number (noted in the upper right hand corner of your character card.)
You must have a Barrel Plug or Condom in at all times when off the playing field.
No “dry firing” in any public area.
No changing of armband color on either side. Use of other than your designated color (spies and agents excepted) will be assessed negative points.
Medics will have a white arm band.
Generals will have a 2-color banding on one arm. (Separated by a 1”gap.)
No laser sites - No pyrotechnics.
Engineers or Demolition Teams - We suggest a same color armband on either arm.

 1) GOGGLES must be approved by the referees before playing. Always wear your goggles while on the playing field. If you have to defog or remove paint splatters, please find a referee to assist you. Above all, your goggles must remain on at all times while on the playing field. (Modified goggles are not allowed.)

 2) MARKER VELOCITIES - There will be no hot markers allowed on the field. All guns must be chronoed under 280 feet per second for daytime play (250 f.p.s. at night). If you break the rule once, you will be asked to leave the field for 30 minutes, your ID tag will be punched and your ID number will be recorded and passed among the referees. The second time you are caught with a hot marker you will be expelled from the field and from the game. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!! (Full autos are the discretion of the field operator.)

 3) PAINT CHECKS - Only Grenade splatters count in this game. Grenades cannot be used after dark. Any hit - body, head, marker, or equipment counts as an out. (Nightingale play - ALL HITS COUNT! There will be NO paint checks.) Exception: there are field medics on both sides who can heal wounds. (See Medic Rules.)

 4) THE CAPTURE RULE - If a player is close enough to be eliminated, the opposing player may ask him TO TAKE THE HIT THREE, TWO, ONE. The player to be eliminated now has the option of taking the hit, or being captured. HE MAY NOT TURN AND SHOOT. He must state to the other player his choice immediately. If he chooses to take the hit, then he is eliminated for 10 minutes. If he chooses capture, he must put a barrel plug in his marker AND put his marker on safety and point the barrel to the ground. He will be escorted back to the opposing base to be interrogated. The captured player will be released at a safe distance by a referee after 10 minutes. You may not physically touch another player or his marker. You may say “I am going to search you, what am I going to find?” All game props must be relinquished to the captor, if requested.  If the person or group performing the capture is eliminated, the player is back in play.  A player who chooses to “Take the Hit” may also be “searched”

 5) BASE STATION ATTACKS - Any base station may be overrun at any time. Only a satchel charge can be used to blow a (base station) command post. Because of the fragile equipment contained inside, no firing will be allowed out of, or into, the command shack itself. Also, when a base is overrun, no equipment or personal items may be taken from inside the command shack. THE ENEMY MAY ONLY HOLD A BASE FOR 20 MINUTES. Must move out of the area 300 feet. If the radio operator leaves his code book inside and does not take it with him when the base is overrun, the opposing team may use the book for their own benefit...(copy codes, map designations, etc.) BUT THEY MAY NOT TAKE IT!! (If the base is blown, all props will be removed by the referee, to be reused.)

 6) 10 FOOT RULE - You may not shoot another player closer than 10 feet to you. No Blind Shooting!

 7) DEMOLITION EXPERTS - “blow up” buildings, towers, bridges, tanks, etc. All Demo experts must have an ID card to verify their status. Blowing up a structure is accomplished by surrendering the appropriate number of Explosives Cards for their Satchel Charges (one must be placed inside at time of use), or RPG/LAW cards to a referee, and taping off the structure (you must have the tape to completely destroy any structure). You cannot be eliminated while taping off. The structure will be closed to play until it is rebuilt. Anyone on top of, or inside of, a “blown” structure will be eliminated. Players can stand behind a blown structure for cover. Buildings or structures, etc. that are blown must have a tape ribbon completely wrapped around them. Towers are taped off around the ladders or ramps. Only Demo Experts will carry LAW/RPG weapons and Satchel Charges. These are the only weapons allowed to “TAKE OUT” hard objects. Satchel Charges are the only thing that can “take Out” a Command Shack, and must be touching the command shack in order to take it out. Everyone within 25 feet of the impact area of a “blown” structure is also killed.

 8) ENGINEERS - rebuild destroyed structures. To rebuild structures, an engineer must find a referee, present the appropriate  number of Reconstruction Cards, and remove and wrap up the “demolition” tape. The judge will collect and dispose of the tape. Engineers may also be issued keys to reopen bridges or retrieve objects that are chained and locked (if applicable).

 9) MEDICS - If you are hit DO NOT MOVE, call for a medic. If he is within 100 feet of you and can get to you within two minutes he will record your ID number on one of his cards and wipe your paint off (if he has no cards or pen - he cannot heal you). You may then resume play. A head shot counts as a kill and cannot be healed. Remember, if you are hit, you cannot move! Medics may also be eliminated. If he is hit, he can call for another medic, if there is one in the area, if not - he is out. Try to keep your medics from being eliminated. If the paint you are shot with is not field paint - YOU ARE NOT OUT! Report it to your nearest Referee. There are NO MEDICS AT NIGHT.

 10) MISSION CARDS -  These are to be filled in at the command post and given to the Mission Judge for mission objectives and execution. The card is to be presented to a Mission Judge at the beginning of the mission. He should fill out the appropriate information on the card and return it to Command Central for point tallying after the mission has been run. It is important that the proper platoon runs the mission. The judge may ask for verification at the time the mission is executed. Even if only one player from the designated platoon is involved, the mission will be valid if the mission is completed, and points will be awarded. Be sure to properly fill out the card of no points will be awarded. It is the Command Shack Officers’ responsibility to make sure!

 11) ELIMINATION OF GENERALS - Elimination of a General will only be permitted by the opposite team and under the following conditions:
  a) The person(s) performing the elimination is/are taped with the opposing team’s colors, or;
  b) The person(s) performing the elimination is/are spies or agents but have opposite team identification cards.
  This rule is to prevent the switching of armbands, the practice of acquiring the opposite team’s colored arm band tape.
  EXCEPTION: Only a spy with a License to Kill Special Option Card may perform an elimination of the General with a like-colored arm band, inside his command shack or base of operation.

 12) 007 LICENSE TO KILL CARD - You must be an agent or a spy to possess this card, which can only be acquired through the Scenario Director, and must be turned in to a Judge at the time it is used to be valid. This is the only way a General may be taken out at a base station other than if the base is overrun and the command shack is blown.

 13) SPECIAL OPTION CARDS - are limited in number, and in either commanding officer’s control. To initiate one of the Special Option Cards, he must notify Command Central when and where he wants to use it. The mission must be approved by Command Central to receive points.

To add a little more excitement to this game, we have added a few twists. We have given the Generals a few options: Aircraft Reconnaissance runs, Aircraft Insertions and Aircraft Extractions. These must be initiated by the Commanding Officer at his base. The radio operator calls in the operation. A referee will arrive, carrying a flag and a 10 foot white rope. The General will then give the judge the coordinates he wants the aircraft taken to.
  AIRCRAFT RECONNAISSANCE - The aircraft is given 30 minutes of flight time (round trip) for a recon run. Two players may hold on to the rope, but may not be armed.
  AIRCRAFT INSERTION and EXTRACTION - The aircraft only has enough fuel for 20 minutes of flight time for insertion or extraction. Five players may attach themselves to the rope, but may not use their weapons while in flight, or be fired on by the enemy. (If a player lets go of the rope, he will plummet to his death). An aircraft may be taken out of action with a Law Rocket or an RPG. Law Rockets/RPG’s and LAW/RPG cards are in the possession of the Demolitions Experts, and must be turned in to the judge acting as the pilot at the time of use. No aircraft is allowed within 150’ of an opposing base.
Aircraft Pilots have Bomb Cards which can be used in case of enemy attack - against ground troops only.

This is a mission oriented game, and kills do not count for points. The only time there is an exception to this rule is in case of a tie breaker.

DO NOT ARGUE WITH REFEREES OR JUDGES.  Their word is final. If you do  argue you will be asked to leave the game for a period of 30 minutes.

At nighttime referees will be carrying cylume sticks. They are the ONLY CYLUMES allowed on the field, other than infra red. Players are NOT allowed to carry or use cylumes. If you are caught using any cylume, you will be ejected from the nighttime portion of the game.

Tanks must remain in motion at all times. They also have a time limit of 30 minutes on the field and 30 minutes off the field. If a tank is destroyed, it has a 15 downtime. Tanks must enter at their insertion point and report to their base for deployment before entering action. Any hard structure destroyed by a tank must be “taped off”.

Generals are not to be off the field for more than 45 minutes per session. (Sessions are before dinner, night time and morning.) Generals will have negative points assessed for infractions (unless approved by Scenario Director.)

Major props can only be turned in 20 minutes prior to the end of the game, but may be handed to referees for safe-keeping during all non-play hours, but they must be picked up as soon as play resumes and returned to the field. All props are to remain in the field at all times of play. If these rules are broken, negative points will be assessed.